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    MOCK PAPERS 2015-2010

    Does anyone know any websites that I can print off Mock Papers from 2015-2010?

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      I do not know of any free sites but you can buy them off.

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      Hey do you have the examcraft English, History, Biology or French 2016 pre papers or the DEB Irish 2016 pre paper by any chance?

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      Higher Level

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      I need MOCK papers. Not actual LC papers.

      Anyone have any websites at all?

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      Yeah is the one - don't get smart with me! I was reading it properly.

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      I can send DEB 2016, 2014, 2012, 2011,2010,2009 and examcraft 2014.

      I also have maths deb 2016-2012 and examcraft 2013-2016.

      In return I would need examcraft maths 2012.

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      Okay. Can you send that to me?

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      Biology Papers.

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      I can send DEB 2016, 2014, 2012, 2011,2010,2009 and examcraft 2014 for biology.

      Like I said though I need examcraft P2 2012 maths in return. this can be got on if you don't have it.

      I also have examcraft 2016 actually.

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      I don't know how to get onto examcraft.

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      It costs 2 euro but in return I'll be giving 8 years of papers (and if you want maths 17 years)

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      I told ya was the site....

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      I found 2015 and 2013 deb in my folder there so its deb 2016-2009 and examcraft 2016/2014 (10 papers) if you want them

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      Could you send them to me please McLean ? Email is :


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      My address is

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      Could u send me the deb exam for bio higher level McClean ??

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      Weam/everyone else

      I have all deb 2016-2012 and examcraft 2016-2013 with marking schemes for maths.

      I also have 2016-2009 deb and 2016-2014 examcraft for biology.

      Like I said in the post I'm looking for examcraft p2 2012 paper. If you have it I'll swap for it, otherwise you can get it on, it cost 2 euro but in return I'd be giving you 20 papers (40 euro).

      It's up to you whether you want them or not.

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      McLean I'll buy maths 2012 p2 exam craft in exchange for the mocks you have.

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      Maths - deb 2016 - 2012, examcraft 2016-2012

      Biology - deb 2016 - 2009, examcraft 2016, 2015, 2014, 2011, 2008,2007

      I got the 2012 examcraft p2, but I can't find the file for the 2015 examcraft paper on my computer, I can only see the ms.

      email me if you want these 24 years of papers, if you have the 2015 examcraft paper (otherwise get it on

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      Stephanie K if you have an account 😀

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      @Stephanie K do you have the 2013 Irish mock by any chance?

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      Stephanie K

      No sorry

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      I meant 2016, do you have that by any chance?

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      Sophie I have the 2016 Examcraft Irish mock.

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      Oh wait sorry, this is LC. God dammit.

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      Awh it's fine thanks anyways @syranbruen

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      Anyone hav 2014 chemistry higher level mock ?

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      I have Higher level maths mocks 2016-2011. I have deb 2016-2011 and examcraft 2016-2011. I would like any higher level Biology, Irish or Acoounting mock in exchange. Thanks

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      Can someone send me the biology 2016 deb higher level paper please

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      maths deb 2017?

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      Anyone have mocks for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Applied Maths or DCG?

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