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    Mocks bio Roisìn_d98

    Hi just wondering for the deb mock what you thought of the respiration question

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      The DEB Higher level biology:

      2(e): Rain wets the human population. A high salt diet causes hypertension in the human population, etc etc This question is far too vague and broad.

      11 (c) vii: If you have done the Rocky Shore, how are you meant to know about badgers. This is an unfair question. And the mark scheme gives the following as a valid answer: "Black and Whute stripes to mimic trees and branches in the dark"!! Total Crap!

      13(a): Only 2 substances, not 3, are used to immobilise an enzyme, Sodium Alginate and Calcium Chloride. The Mark scheme lists the 3rd substance as 'yeast'!! OK......................if you wish to immobilise Amylase.....??

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