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    need assurance/ an honest opinion David K.

    I know its long gone and done with now but I can't help but feel guilty that I messed up higher leaving biology... I answered every question and I didn't find myself guessing that much at all. Overall I thought it was a fair paper and I was happy about most topics that came up. I had a few hiccups in the long questions but nothing major, yet i was done with an hour to go.... I'm no genius and I'll be happy with a B3/C1 but is that a bad sign seeing as I looked over everything thoroughly after? I definitely answered every question.

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      Same thing happened with me. Did you look over it and how many pages did you write for the long questions

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      David K.

      I spent the hour I had left over looking over it carefully trying to see if I had missed a section or a part of a question but I didn't. A lot of answers especially to the short questions just came to me quickly I think. I wrote 5 and a half but I'm not sure is that too little? Maybe that's why I was out early? I felt I did alright in the paper too and our teacher was telling us we'd need the 3 hours and that the superintendent would have to pull the paper off us! I was a long was off that scenario! That's kinda why I'm worried. As I said, I'm not a genius either.

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      A good student who knows hid/her stuff, who can do an exam properly and concisely (ie, answer questions with no waffle!!!) could easily finish most LC Biology exams inside 2 hours. Many, many people think 3 hours is too long, and would prefer 2.5 hours. So, don't worry, it sounds like you have done fine and ahould easily get your C1.

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      David K.

      Yeah I just tried to nail the answers really and I always thought that was enough but a lot of my friends were still going for a lot longer. I suppose you can't compare with other people. Thanks a lot I feel a lot more relaxed about it now! :)

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      My teacher always said 3hrs was too much a lad that was happy with the paper left with like 45mins to go so I say your fine

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      David K.

      Yeah, throughout the year doing past papers I always thought 3 hours was more than enough time a bit like Irish paper 1 in a way but being that it's the leaving I still spent the hour left I had looking over but I feel better about it now.

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