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On food short question
MAYYAMIMI Leaving Cert Biology — 15/06/16 11

I thought we didn't have to remember figures in biology What is the approximate percentage of water by mass in a human cell? I wrote 70% it's says 60% in the textbook What do you think they will have in the marking scheme

gbs16 — 14/06/16
I'd say you're safe, they'll probably have somewhere between 60-80%
Noel_5165 — 14/06/16
i said that what a guess :D
TimaK — 14/06/16
I said 70% I'd say were grand
ddp.cronin — 14/06/16
What was the answer for the part labelled f in the plant saq, and what did it form ?.
Sarah654 — 14/06/16
I said 80 it was a guess
aichayabre — 14/06/16
@ddp.cronin I Saïd ovule - forms seed
aimer — 15/06/16
I'm wrong �� I said 95% ��
Sarah654 — 15/06/16
What did people say for the non metallic bio molecule I said fibre . Just when doing the last question and it said fibre I thought of fibiours proteins so I wrote that down
bio1 — 15/06/16
Fibres a carb hahahaha. Ca phosphorus or sulphur
Ross_4845 — 15/06/16
depends on the age of the person an adult is between 60 - 75 % apparently but its done so forget it
anonymous1234 — 15/06/16
I said 78% is that ok I wonder?
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