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Passing HL biology!!
gbs16 Leaving Cert Biology — 14/06/16 4

I was a couple percent off a d3 in the mocks but have done work between now and then, would you say its possible that ill atleast get a pass this time round ??

Rachel_8010 — 13/06/16
Yeah it is. Just look at the experiments and ecology which is guaranteed. Know about bacteria and fungi. Genetics is always up. Photosynthesis and Respiration is a little late to be looking at now because it's so complicated. But even without photosynthesis or Respiration you have at least 240 marks out of 400
gbs16 — 13/06/16
fab, thanks so much!
Noel_5165 — 14/06/16
after today it be lucky for anyone to pass terrible exam paper :/
John smith234
John smith234 — 14/06/16
Noel if the problem is experienced by many, the marking scheme will adjust to deal with the difficulty.
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