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emerv Leaving Cert Biology — 28/05/16 7

does anyone have any ideas on what will come up for the experiments?

shredden — 24/05/16
ah yeah
SeanGambierRoss — 25/05/16
nitrogen cycle is a definite
Lsmyth — 25/05/16
how is it a definite?
Ultimuted — 26/05/16
Immobilize an enzyme, demonstrate osmosis, Prepare and examine a TS of a Dicot Stem
kathaswings — 26/05/16
i really hope that the photosynthesis experiment will come up
Helend97 — 28/05/16
the nephron daigram is guaranteed to come up
Rachel_8010 — 28/05/16
I don't know about experiments tbh. But they generally ask the same questions. Look at past exam questions and the marking scheme
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