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    Predictions 2016 nadine98

    any predictions for biology ?

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      Genetics always comes up. Ecology also is a definite. Fungi and or bacteria are usually up as a question. Photosynthesis and or Respiration is always up. I was told that excretion, blood and the heart and the senses are likely to come up. Experiments are easy enough to learn about so there's no point predicting them. For the short and experiment questions just concentrate on doing past questions from exam papers. That's the best way to learn because they are quite repetitive.

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      Thank you Rachel_8010

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      thanks rachel your possibly the best person in the world <3

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      For the experiments we were told to look at the enzyme experiments and also the heart dissection. Protein synthesis also hasn't been up in a while, plant and human reproduction are nearly sure to be there and we were told the endocrine system because it hasn't been up since 2013 I think :)

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      anyone else really enjoying studyin human repruduckchin? like maibe too much .... i hope female come up this year :)

      gwan rachel

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