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    Predictions for higher level paper conorom123

    Does anyone have an idea on what has a good chance of coming up in long questions?

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      Viruses - Due to the out break of Ebola in 2014

      The Nervous system - Due to ALS Ice Bucket challenge this year

      Respiration - Did not come up in long questions last year and it nearly always does

      Photosynthesis - Usually comes up

      Genetics - Nearly Always comes up

      Ecology - Always comes up

      The Senses ( eye, ear, touch) - Have not came up in years

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      Thanks Joseph i will look into it, going by past exam papers its very likely ecology photosynthesis and respiration will come up, the rest should have a good chance.

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      In detail excretory stuff also fairly likely to come up as it hasn't really come up since 2008 :)

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      Has the digestive system come up recently?

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      Thanks gemma ya i see that alright should have a good chance, the digestive system has not come up since 2012

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      Human Reproduction!! Came up every year bar last year!

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      Also diversity of organisms responses in humans enzymes cell division they pretty much come up every year :)

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      Thank you ladies i will look into it,at least with biology you have some idea as to what might come up!

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      is the nitrogen cycle due?

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      Every year 2 exams are set and 1 is chosen at random. Prediction is quaint, but pointless. I predict either photosynthesis or respiration, an ecology question, probably some genetics, one or two human systems and some plant biology. Am I accurate?????

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