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Questions on leaving cert biology paper but not on course??
Rachel Byrne Leaving Cert Biology — 31/08/16 17

It was previously posted that the NAD question was not on the course, I also checked to see if the question about having 3 semicircular canals was in the book and I cannot find it (so don't think this is on course either but not fully sure) I didn't do the NAD question because of this and am wondering how will it be marked and if they decide to mark leniently how will they do so if I have not answered that question.

lara1997 — 14/06/16
What was the semicircular canal answer does anyone know?
Sarah654 — 14/06/16
Tbh this is great to hear about the semi lunar valves I had not got a clue either I said to make sure the balance is equal
Sarah654 — 14/06/16
Like if it's not in any book it must not be on the course and therefore they'll have to throw marks at it
Jamie004 — 14/06/16
Why do they keep doing this? Same thing last year. It's like they think we don't already have enough to study...
michaels — 14/06/16
I think there's a new syllabus out and we're using older books so the exams will be harder for us. That's what's happening with higher level maths, biology and physics. It's probably happening with other subjects
Sarah654 — 14/06/16
Look tbh every teacher in the country will be in the favour of throwing marks at this and argue their point at the marking conference as this stuff is not even in our books
eththeh — 15/06/16
If I remember right it said suggest a reason, in past exams I think this meant any half way thought out answer got the marks
LauraB1234 — 16/06/16
There's three semicircular canals because each recognises a different sense of direction
bridgetown1 — 17/06/16
Both NAD and the Semicircular canals are BOTH on the syllabus. Remember, a textbook is just an individual authors interpretation of the syllabus. The actual exam is based not on textbooks but on the syllabus and other guidelines published by the NCCA. Most textbooks are overloaded with information which is NOT on the syllabus. I know of no textbook which leaves stuff out, and I would be interested to hear of examples.
MAYYAMIMI — 17/06/16
You are wrong bridge town 1-1=0 NAD is not on the course but semicircular canals are Get your facts straight
MAYYAMIMI — 17/06/16
It does say what NAD stands for but I can guarantee that NAD IS NOT ON THE COURSE My teacher is an examiner and she knows better than you she has gone to conferences and they HAVE TOLD HER "IT IS NOT ON THE COURSE" FULLSTOP
bridgetown1 — 17/06/16
Well, tell your teacher to turn to page 19 of the syllabus and she will find Section H.2.2.8 titled 'Role of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD).' Oh, it's there allright! And if I may quote from page 34 of Biology Guidelines for Teachers published by the NCCA/Dept of Ed and Sci: "In order for photosynthesis and respiration to occur the role of ATP and NAD/NADP needs to be understood................ Role of NAD/NADP Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide has a special role in trapping and transferring electrons and hydrogen ions in cell activities". It seems your teacher may be mistaken/misinformed.
bridgetown1 — 17/06/16
You will find both syllabus and guidelines at the following link: http://www.education.ie/en/Schools-Colleges/Information/Curriculum-and-Syllabus/Senior-Cycle-/Syllabuses-and-Guidelines/
MAYYAMIMI — 17/06/16
MAYYAMIMI — 17/06/16
Why would it be the first time they have asked that from. The start of the syllabus in 2002 Whereas they have asked for ATP a couple of times now
bridgetown1 — 31/08/16
The mark schemes are now freely available. They are up on www.examinations.ie. And guess what................................................!!!
Chris241197 — 31/08/16
MAYYAMINI, please stop, look up the syllabus it clearly mentions it. Just admit when you are wrong and move on. Anybody complaining about things not being on the course clearly are unable to use their critical thinking skills which is what the department is trying to encourage. THINK ON YOUR FEET.
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