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    Random theory question app for leaving cert biology Graham90978

    Hi folks, I written a quick app that asks hundreds of random questions from all different parts of the Biology course on the leaving cert. Im still in the process of updating it but you can get it here:

    The idea is that you can zoom through entire chapters in a few minutes, so that if you're waiting on a bus or for anything, you can spend that time revising without having your books handy.

    I hope its helpful!

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      Is it available on android?

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      Im afraid not unfortunately :( havent quite cracked how to make an android app :/

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      Gave your app a go, was actually very helpful

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      I like the app, its like using flashcards so I found it very useful. Can you make one for physics?

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      I might get working on a physics one, but it won't be ready before the exams :/

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      Final push now. Good luck to everyone!

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      i think there is something wrong its asking me to pay $2:99

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