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    Saqs deisnged to trick us. Experiments fair. Laqs grand bio1

    Thoughts on the paper. Anyone still thinking they got an a1 regardless of awkward saqs?

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      it was such a hard paper

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      I think I got a B2/B3. Got all the long questions except what NAD stands for missed out on one experiment. It was a fair exam overall

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      Am i the only one who thought it was an awful paper?😥😥

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      I answered everything but not confident on a high grade now. Very disappointed, I can't believe they put a full genetic/crosses question on the short questions, thats the main reason i didnt study genetics because of them questions and that interphase cell division short question made very little sense to me either.... put a lot of work in over the past year only to get that fucking joke of a paper, very very disappointed.

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      deffo no A1 (sad face)

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      Very hard/disappointing paper

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      The genetics "haemophilia question" wasn't bad.

      Roan was Rw

      White was ww

      You use a plummet square and cross them.

      The other question was simple too.

      XX^n x XY^n then cross them then you'll see that males are more likely to get the disease. This wasn't the easiest exam but it wasn't impossible either and I'm only a B student in biology

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      I was never good at doing the crosses so i left out genetics all together, a question like that never showed up in short questions before

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      I didn't get one of the experiments so I immediately lost 30 marks. I didn't know what NAD stood for and I confused ectotherm with endotherm so I'll lose marks there too. Any chance the examiner will mark easy? Otherwise I'll probably end up with a B3

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      What was the name of the organism that can control its metabolic temperature or something

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      It's endotherm but I said ectotherm and it's not like maths where they give attempt marks :(

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      what did you say for an ectotherms response to cold temperatures

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      I found the paper really hard. I am really disappointed. Mainly I couldn't understand what they are asking for. Very disappointing test. I was aiming for an A but if I get a C I would be happy enough. Over all disappointing paper.

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      It was really easy to be honest. I definitely got an A1 anyway

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      i be lucky to pass. Awful paper

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      Lony you and I are in the exact same boat, i felt sick after that exam. Especially after the HL Irish paper 2 which was a joke.

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      Very very disappointed and annoyed!!!!!!!

      Nothing like the exams over the past 12 years. What a joke!!! I really wanted a good grade but that option has just gone out the window. They say the pres are always harder but this time definitely not. I got a B3 in the pre and have definitely not got that again, I can guarantee myself that!!!!!!!!

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      It is ectotherm,they chamge depending on environment. Yeah everyone seems to be annoyed!

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      EASY youre all a bunch of saps

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      It's endotherm :)

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      Worked so hard all year wanted an A1, wasn't very confident going in because I felt like I could have crammed some more and polished up a bit better but I still worked so hard all year achieving mostly A's and B's but after that I'm so annoyed, I thought it was unfair the questions were harder than previous years in my opinion..

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      Got a B2 in the mocks and wanted to make it my goal to get an A1, but I can say no way did it happen!! Very disappointed with the paper

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      Annoyed because the mock was so much easier. It's like they were luring people into the higher level paper just to trick. The fact Irish paper 2 was terrible didn't help either.

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      So annoyed I got the endotherm Q wrong ( that wasn't the only thing don't worry!)

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      I got an A2 for mocks and I feel like a pure shithead after that exam. It was ridiculously 'extra' and very disheartening!

      I'd say the most I got was B2.. and same as everyone else here I was aiming for an A1!!

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      What was the answer for the part labelled f in the plant saq, and what did it form ?.

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      Pretty confident I got an A1 because the only answers I didn't know was the NAD and the protein question in SAQs.

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      Said that f was ovary as they seemed to be pointing at female gamete for c

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      I wasn't sure between ovary and ovule so I said ovule and that it formed a seed 😬

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      What's was % for crosses in short q

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      0 25 50

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      This small write-up in today's Irish Independent says it all...

      (Scroll down to about halfway to see Biology Paper)

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