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    Should I Do Biology for Leaving Cert rooney34

    I am currently in Ty and I was thinking that i should do Biology for Leaving Cert. I done the Ordinary Paper and got a C in Junior Cert Science. I am thinking of doing one science subject for Leaving Cert.

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      it depends on what topic in science you preferred in junior cert

      the biology course is long and can be tedious at times but if u pay attention in class and learn ur stuff ur fine

      the chemistry course is much shorter and has more experiments but can also seen boring at times

      the phy/chem course is suppose to be easier than both biology and chemistry

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      if u intend to study a course in college involving science than doing bio/chem for l.c. will help depending on certain courses

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      I found the biology section of Science a little better than Chemistry or Physics

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      Out of all the science subjects for Leaving Cert, Biology is the easiest to understand but it's really note-intensive. There's a lot of learning of definitions, whereas in other sciences like Chemistry, its more about understanding the topics than learning off definitions.

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      I don't know about Physics & Chemistry (as I don't do either) but I chose Biology as I had a genuine interest in the biology section of Science, and I wanted to do at least one science subject (I got a C in HL). At most times, Biology is an enjoyable subject (I do enjoy studying it) however the course is quite long and there's a lot of content. Though you can influence that by making notes (and that's where you can use Studyclix to help with resources needed) and make it a lot shorter than the book says. I usually take the most relevant stuff that would be asked in a question and practice exam questions.

      And if you want to complete further study in science related courses, Biology would go a long way to be honest!! :)

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      C in HL Junior Cert* I mean

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      Do it! A very enjoyable subject offering superb opportunities for further study at third level

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      Im doing Biology for my LC and for my junior cert i loved the biology part so i picked biology for my LC but is so hard subject!!!!!

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      its shit dont do it

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      I do Biology and Chemistry at the moment and I love both! I'd do both if I were you

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      No biology is an absolute nightmare, it's an extremely heavy subject and impossible to revise

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      Biology very hard. But if your into learning and doing well I suggest you do it as I kept both Biology and Chemistry on. If anything I'd stay away from chemistry as it's very heavy work but then again if your a mathematical kind of person it's good for the equation and working sides of it but then again I would stay away from it. Biology is grand once you keep on top of it every night and you should be fine! I like both but very heavy work!

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