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    Thoughts?? mariosascuzz

    What we thinking guys?

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      Twitter put up predictions ... Section A: amoeba, bacteria, urinary system,Mendel's law + protein synthesis , ecology, reproduction plants and animals , enzymes , eye and ear , digestion . Section B : photosynthesis, enzymes , the heart , yeast immobilization , scientific method . Section C : genetics, ecology, photosynthesis , respiration and anything else you can try and learn ! I don't know if this is coming up or anything but in case you didn't know where to start ...there you go !

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      Emily thank you so so much! Very best of luck to you:)

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      máire murphy

      Apparently endocrine, excretory and digestive are due up also. :)

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      Is the urinary and excretory not the same no??

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      you too !!

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      Also this guys predictions are usually correct ...obviously don't focus on all of them just the ones near the top of his lists !

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      This guys predictions are so accurate one isn't even on the syllabus. I presume Yeast Immobilization actually refers to Enzyme Immobilisation!

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      I'm sure they could have figured that out for themselves need to state the obvious

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