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    Very Difficult.... Can anyone relate? jamielovesmusic123

    Hey There,

    So I am finding Biology very difficult to study for , I dropped to OL as HL was way to hard and I was constantly failing.... I am stuck for things to do now regarding Biology , All I want to do is at least PASS...

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      I think what you need to do is keep doing the exam questions for each chapter you cover. Every year the questions are more or less the same, trends are common in biology and when you establish this your grade will improve. Like every year ecology genetics respiration come up for example. What i will also say is learn every diagram and don't forget about the experiments, when that's done I think you'll find you're fit for higher level, there really isn't much a difference and if you've done any sort of study you'll get the D3 minimum

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      Same as upstairs, Biology is more of a learning subject. So learning the theory and doing more questions would polish it up!

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      Im also doing biology and what i do is do up notes on each chapter and i also do the exam questions for each chapter... this is what helped me ....

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      Thanks Guys :)

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      Revise Wise books are brill for biology as their straight to the point and cut the sh*t :)

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      I have wrote out every Question with the correct Answer in OL Biology from all past papers. As every year the same questions tend to come up. Also all definitions

      I got a A1 and found it to help tons as I too was failing.

      I am selling all Notes on eBay and will sell for €25.

      If you would like them, just let me know.

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      Identify the topics that come up almost every year...Nutrition, Cell division and Ecology are guaranteed LC Questions. As said in the first comment by Seanoh, do all exam questions of that topic from each year and attempt them. Also try HL questions too. Give Biology study at least an hour study each day except for Sunday, you need a break. :)

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      Hi Dude,

      I dunno if this app will help. Its basically hundreds of questions about Leaving cert biology. Its a mix of HL and OL. Its multiple choice and covers a good chunk of the theory for Biology.

      The whole point of the app is so that when you have 5 minutes you can maximize your study potential. If youre waiting on a bus, or sitting in the car or anytime youre free, and cant take out books, you can use the app. Its a useful study aid. Obviously it cant beat old fashioned study, but you should look into it! And if you find it helpful, please promote it to other people you know! :)

      Looking at text and diagrams in a book is the usual way to study. But study can also involve watching youtube videos that explain these things. If you have a topic you are unsure about, I gaurantee there's a youtube video explaining it somewhere explaining it in relatively simplistic terms.

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