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Was stuck on these. What were the answers!
lara1997 Leaving Cert Biology — 14/06/16 2

Why was temperature necessary for the dark phase of photosynthesis? What result happened when metabolic reactions increased and external temperatures decresed? How is oxygen formed in photosynthesis? Water percent in cells? Also Can hydogen be accepted instead of hydrogen ions for Second part of NAD question?

ddp.cronin — 14/06/16
1. Enzymes used in dark stage 2. Increased heat production from increased metabolic action 3. Splitting up of water(H2O) 4. Between 70-80 5. Probably will be seeing that it was a hard test so they will be looking to bring up students Think these are all right . Correct me if I'm wrong
lara1997 — 14/06/16
Thanks very much ��
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