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    What is NAD imole

    Answer: Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide

    has anyone else never of this before

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      If I said Nicotinamide adenine dinucleic acid would I get marks???

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      My teacher said its not on the course so we should get marks for it

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      I said nicotine adenine diamine lol i wonder will i get anything

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      It's a low energy carrier in cellular respiration, book should mention it in higher level enzymes chapter and again in higher level part of respiration chapters

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      MAYYAMIMI, we had this before. Your teacher, unfortunately, is wrong. NAD/H and NADP/H are both very much on the course!

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      its not specifically on the course but it was asked last year in the leaving cert, probably means it wont come up this year

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      Jennie_139, they are in the syllabus, they are on the course.

      And last years exam has NO bearing on this years. It may come up. Or it may not!

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