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    what's the best science subject? orlab123

    hi, I'm looking for some advice on what science subject is easy enough but not too easy😂 I've heard that biology is really hard but I'm interested in it or should I consider doing chemistry or physics? I got a C in the junior cert and biology was always my best one

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      you might find this useful.

      attachment lc bio hons stats.docx

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      This year at higher level the following were the %age of students who got A, B or C grades:

      Biology 68.5%

      Physics 70.1%

      Chemistry 71.4%

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      I think biology is probably easiest there's not much to understand you just have to learn it off really. I like chemistry but it has a lot of new concepts to understand before you decide look at entry requirements for college courses as some courses require you to have done chemistry for the leaving cert

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      if youre good at learning definitions and visual learning through videos and doing practical experiments choose biology, if you have a good level of maths and you are good at problem solving, choose physics, for physics I also find you have to have a keen interest in the actual topic. I do both biology and physics, but i dont do chemistry. I wish i did as its apparently easier than physics but not as easy as biology.

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      thanks lads :D

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      Teja Gopi

      chemistry bro!!!!

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      biology but heres a warning theres lots of definitions and experiments and information

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      and dont consider doing chemistry if u dont like maths or chemicals and periodic table of elements

      and physics if youre not good at maths its not a good subject to pick

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