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    1 year shaunacraig97

    Would HL business be okay to do in a year and to achieve a high grade in?

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      I do business and I have to say there is a lot of theory (and I mean a lot). Although in saying that all of the theory is easy to understand and doesn't require hours of trying to get your head around but if you have never done business before I wouldn't advice you take it up this year considering how stressful the leaving cert already is. Just concentrate on your other subjects you'll be grand. Hope this helps

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      Nope! Get a revisewise and you'll be sorted!!!

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      Thank you's both for your advice!

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      I started it this yr in LC and am finding it easy as most of it is learning even if you don't understand it..... A lot of definitions are common sense and can be written in your own words

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      Thank you!!

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