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    Finding it extremely difficult to study for Business...??? jamielovesmusic123

    Hi There,

    Is anyone having the same problems with LC Business? I find it so hard to study any of the definitions , Only on chapter 6 and i'm finding it hard.....

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      So difficult, hard to tell which information is important and which isn't as important in the book..

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      Hey guys,

      Business is very hard to study by the book. There's a lot to cover and a lot of stuff that won't ever be relevant in the exams.

      What I found best with business is flash cards. Just take a topic under business and break it down into flash cards you can go back and look over when you're studying.

      For example, when you're studying Marketing, try some past questions in this topic on the site:

      and then try and find the key terms and important reappearing questions. These reappearing questions are most likely key parts of that topic, so make some flash cards based on them!

      Hope this helps guys,


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      Thank You :)

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      I'm in 5th year and have been getting A1's in class tests.. Re-writing the definitions also answering the questions after 30 mins, 1 hour etc! My friend recommended this book "Leaving Cert Business Short Answer Questions! pretty much every short q on every topic :) Don't give up

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      hi where can you get that book? :)

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      Should be in bookstores or Easons I don't find revise wise or less stress more sucess v. it just summarizes but leaves out the A style answers

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      Try re-writing definitons into your own words and use examples, You will then get the basic idea of its meaning and build it up from there.

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      Hi finished business course it's hard but to make it easier for me I pick out key words and make my own sentences and to make sure I understand it full before learning!

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      I have started using flash cards..... It helps but still finding it hard.

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      find revise wise quite good

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      Have a look at notes on: great concise notes

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      Exam builder on Studyclix is also good at grouping topics together and give questions and more importantly answers as well! :-)

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      M Monahan

      Have a look at my new post this should assist you.

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