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    Product Life Cycle Alana B

    Im doing the mock paper from 2011 HL and there is a question "analyse the factors that affect the length of the product life cycle"

    anybody have any ideas, completely lost here!

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      don't know if you still need help with this but the factors that affect it are basically just the six stages of the product life cycle: Development, Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Saturation, Decline. for example the development of a products can effect the length of the product life cycle as there are more cash outflows than inflows.

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      Alana B

      Thank you :) it will come in handy again sometime

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      Yes they are the stages of the product life-cycle BUT the question is asking for the factors that affect or influence the lenght of a product life cycle. Here are a few examples:

      Durability - Long lasting products, people do not need to replace often, market saturates quickly EG: Cars / Cookers

      Fashion - HIghly fashionable items may have a short life cycle - EG: Trendy Clothing

      Technological Improvements - new technology makes older technology obsoete quickly EG: Smartphones

      Marketing - good marketing helps products to remain in the market place for longer.

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      Alana B

      Thanks :)

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