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Elaine_3053 Leaving Cert Business — 18/05/16 4

i am really stuck on answering the first part of the ABQ? Does anyone have an idea how to answer the ABQ on Easy Mobile Ltd?

kristina988 — 18/05/16
https://businesseducation.ie/exam-q-and-a/applied-business-question-2016/ here's a page with sample answers
Venner101 — 18/05/16
abc is as easy as 123
ElSquarbo — 18/05/16
haha don't worry larva! I had some trouble with my ABQ's at the start as well :) Basically the alphabet goes like this: A B Q I A T E A B A B Y W H E N I W A S T W E L V E XYZ hope this helps xoxo - ElSquarbo
Elaine_3053 — 18/05/16
Thanks for the samples. Needed them ElSquarbo ????
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