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    Any tips for business? Lauren_8877

    I find business generally one of the easier subjects but my teacher this year was awful and I'm starting to panic does anyone have any hints of what's coming up or tips of what to study ?

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      Know your break even charts and tax Q's well they're nearly guaranteed to come up this year! And apparently business documents such as business plan etc

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      Ratio analysis

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      M Monahan

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      M Monahan

      Look at my notes for 2015 also, don't panic lots of time, just group topic areas on Study Clix, see below for more details:

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      I get yeah, my teacher this year was miserable aswell! Shes made me so nervous! I think Tax, Ratios, breakeven chart, marketing and principles of management, and HRM will come up :)

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      M Monahan

      Look at link: Business Plan, Letter Writing, Business Reports and Memo, Average Clause (short Questions) have not come up for a few years! Break even chart where the BE point changes due to a change in the variable cost is also likely, look at my notes.

      Functions/Role of the Human Resources Manager has also not come up for a while.

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