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    business course in 1 year? danielle97

    is the leaving cert business course doable in 1 year???

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      It's a pretty long course so it would be quite stressful. I'd opt for Economics.

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      Would strongly agree with Jennooos

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      i am already doing economics though?? :/

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      Try take on another short course possibly Religion or Chemistry

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      My school doesn't do religion as an LC subject and I'm bad at chemistry :/

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      Apparantly, Agg Science is a handy course with a project involved , Home-Ec also has a project which is worth 20% , then the written exam makes up the rest... , In saying that , In my School we have done the Business course in 1 Year and we are doing it all over again this year since the teacher that I have is job-sharing so 5th and 6th year business is in the same class if you get me... If you did Business in Junior Cert , It should't be too much hassle.....

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      If you are doing biology the ag science course is meant to tie in with it?

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      So that could be an option 😊

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      I am selling all Business Notes on EBay for €25

      I got an A1 in OL , if you would like them, just let me know.

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