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    Business Marking Scheme CianTwyford

    I'm hoping for an A in this tomorrow. I know the theory, it's just the marking scheme that keeps screwing me over. Is there any pattern in how they split marks in a question? I know that a 20 mark question would obviously be split into 4x5m when they ask for 4 aspects, it's some questions I have no clue. Any hints/tips? Thanks :)

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      Try and get 2 separate points of info with every you give. They usually break up each 5m into 3 for first point and 2 for second point.

      Then throw in an example where you can!

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      dont assume 4 at 5m. Because there have been so many As, they have brought in a 7 + 7 + 6 marking scheme. Give 2 points very well explained, 1 well, and a 4th basic explanation.

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      Thanks lads, that should definitely help :)

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