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    Business mock paper please Ciaramc99

    Anyone know what's coming up in the business mock?

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      id advise not seeking whats coming up, as you wont be able to do so on your actual LC..and doing this will give you false results and expectations for your actual leaving cert come june. and to answer your question theres over 5 suppliers for mock papers so if someone was to answer what came up on theres it may not come up on urs..hope i helped

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      Yeah well that's my business not yours!

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      Why don't you give your "helpful" advise to other people

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      well i too am doing the business mock. it was my pleasure to help.

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      sorry if i may have offended you.

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      I ment whatever I chose to do or say has got nothing to do with you. If I wanna ask about the mocks I will, it's my choice not yours.

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      yes, ok your right.. well from what ive heard there could be a tax question. thats all i know, sorry i couldnt be of anymore help.

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