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    business or economics Abdelrahman

    I am 5th year student . As u know we are in April . I found french really hard . So I am thinking to do new subject as I want to get +520 points . I've already missed this year but I can study for summer . In my case which subject is more handy to study by my self and in short time like summer . Business or economics . And thanks for helping 😊

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      Economics is a shorter course, but it's a bit harder to grasp than business, which is just learning. Depends whether you're looking for a fairly easy but long course, or a short but sometimes difficult course.

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      In my case . That I have missed nearly all the year which one is more good for me . Shorter course but hard or longer course but easier

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      And if I start now and studied in summer will I be ok or not . And can I study alone one of these chapters.

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      It depends on you. Do you know what economics and business are about?

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      Yes I did business in jc . So have idea about them . But the point if I start now and I've missed a whole year . Will I be able to study without teacher or I need teacher

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      M Monahan

      Which subject would you enjoy? If you liked JC Business, what element did you like the best, general business or Economics element of the course? Always do a subject that you enjoy. Have a look at my Link, Key study notes, this will give you information on elements contained on the LC Business Course.

      Group questions together, from Studyclix exam builder.

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      M Monahan

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      Thank you very much .

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      M Monahan

      You are very welcome.

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