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    Business terms/initials Dubstudent111

    Does anyone know where you can get a list of all the business term initials you have to be able to recognise??

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      AGM Annual general meeting

      AOB Any other business

      APC Area partnership company

      APR Annual percentage rate

      ASAI Advertising standards authority of Ireland

      ASTI Association of secondary teachers of Ireland

      ATM Automatic teller machine

      BEP Breakeven point

      BES Business expansion scheme

      BIK Benefit in kind

      BOP Balance of payments

      CAD Computer aided design

      CAI Consumer association of Ireland

      CAM Computer aided manufacturing

      CAP Common agricultural policy

      CAT Capital acquisitions tax

      CCPC Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (formerly NCA)

      CEB County enterprise boards

      CEO Chief executive officer

      CFF Cash flow forecast

      CFP Common fisheries policy

      CGT Capital gains tax

      CIM Computer integrated manufacturing

      CPI Consumer price index

      CPT Corporation profit tax

      CRO Companies registration office

      CSO Central statistics office

      CV Curriculum vitae

      DD Direct debit

      DIRT Deposit interest retention tax

      EA Equality authority

      EAT Employment appeals tribunal

      ECB European central bank

      EDI Electronic data interchange

      EGM Extraordinary general meting

      EIA Environmental impact assessment

      EMU European monetary union

      EPA Environmental protection agency

      EPOS Electronic point of sale

      ERDF European regional development fund

      ESF European social fund

      EU European union

      FC Fixed costs

      FDI Foreign direct investment

      GNP Gross national product

      HP Hire purchase

      HRM Human resource management

      IBEC Irish business and employers’ confederation

      ICT Information and communications technology

      ICTU Irish congress of trade unions

      IDA Industrial development agency

      IFA Irish farmers association

      IFSC International financial services centre

      ISDN Integrated services digital network

      ISME Irish small and medium enterprises

      ISO International standards organisation

      IT Information technology

      ITAA Irish travel agents association

      JIC Joint industrial council

      JIT Just in time

      JLC Joint labour committee

      LAN Local area network

      LRC Labour relations commission

      LTD Private limited company

      MBO Management buy out

      MD Managing director

      MEP Member of European parliament

      NAFTA North American free trade area

      NAMA National assets management agency

      NCA National consumer agency

      P&L Profit and loss account

      PAYE Pay as you earn

      PC Personal computer

      PLC Public limited company

      PR Public relations

      PPSN Personal public service number

      PRO Public relations officer

      PRSI Pay related social insurance

      R&D Research and development

      ROCE Return on capital employed

      ROI Return on investment

      SEM Single European market

      SIPTU Services, industrial, professional and technical union

      SMART Specific, measurable, agreed, realistic ,timed objectives

      SME Small and medium sized enterprises

      SO Standing order

      SRCOP Standard rate cut-off point

      SWOT Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

      TC Total costs

      TNC Transnational company

      TQM Total quality management

      TR Total revenue

      TUI Teachers union of Ireland

      USC Universal social charge

      USP Unique selling point

      VAT Value added tax

      VC Variable costs

      VDU Visual display unit

      VHI Voluntary health insurance

      WRC Workplace Relations Commission ( Formerly the LRC)

      WTO World trade organisation

      WWW World wide web

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      Jamie casey

      how am i suppose to learn them all

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