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    Difference with levels Shanmeehan

    I'm in higher business, just wondering if there's a big difference between higher and ordinary level? Would ordinary be a lot easier than the higher?

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      Ordinary would be easier yeah,im thinking of moving down too but I'd rather just get a D1 in higher

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      theirs no abq in pass

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      Well I am doing OL myself - I dropped down after the mocks...

      So There is no ABQ , The Short Questions are asked totally different for example:

      - Instead of asking "Distinguish between "Gross Pay" and "Net Pay"" in HL they would ask "Explain the terms "Gross Pay" and "Net Pay" etc.. so it's slightly easier to understand.

      - The Long Questions are phrased differently aswell and are not as hard as HL I have to say.

      - Usually you are also asked to give or state examples of things also.

      Hope I helped :)

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      M Monahan

      Only difference HL & OL is ABQ look at my notes, there is a great difference between the points for OL compared to HL, depends if you need points for courses.

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