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    heat of combustion help Santo_4582

    of ethyne. given hof of water ,co2,and ethyne are -285.8 , -393.5, 224.7kj mol^-1 respective . please show how it is done without formula

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      Combustion means the burning in oxyen to always gine carbon dioxide and water. once u know what the products u just have to balance the equation. C2 H2 + 2.5O2 ------ 2CO2 + H2O. tHE TRICK WITH ANY EQ IS TO KNOW THESE ARE ALWAYS IN PAIRS WHEN ALONE...O2, H2, N2 & (Cl2, I2 Br2), so H2 +.5 O2 = H2O and c + o2 =co2 and 2C +H2 = C2H2

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