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Help LC
RachaelW19 Leaving Cert Business — 15/03/18 7

Please help i havent started studying for the leaving and i have no idea where to start ! Please someone tell me how and where i should start studyin and how many hrs per a day

Dinkylad — 02/05/16
didnt u study for the mocks?
Charles_5165 — 08/03/18
depends like if you wanna do unit 1 then u can kind off take pressure off during the abq units as a full nlong question like unit 6 and 7 are in part 1 of long question cause no matter the situation u have to ansewer one on part 1 long questions 2 on part 2 and 1 more on either part cause question one is people in buisnees and question 2 and 3 is domestic enviroment and 3 international environmet and the abq being 5 6 7 knowing that really u can answer question 2 and 3 and they also come in sq estions part two is based on enterprise managing and buisness in action so it depends again u have that choice anyway Best of luck RachelW19 Hoping for the best. and what grade would u like to get in buisness ?:grinning:
woganse — 10/03/18
depending on how you did in the mocks , pinpoint areas you did well in and ones oyu struggled with . start off with the ones you struggle with by going over exam equestions . Also do alot of short questions cause they can bring you in marks if learn definitions etc
alexn2015 — 10/03/18
If you havent started studying yet, now is definitely the time to start. The next 2 months before the Leaving cert are crucial. If you want to do well in the leaving cert, the key is to get a study timetable and stick to it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Revise all relevant chapters and definitely do the associated exam questions. You'll start to notice a bit of repetition in the exam papers and this will help you a lot. If you want some pointers on how to make a study plan, i found Lee Tutorials Podcasts to be very heplful.
Charles_5165 — 10/03/18
should i do 2 questions from part 1 in long question or 1 and only focus on 6 and 7 on the abqs and short questions cause i could do 3 questions in part 2 or do questions 2 and 3 in part 1 based on units 6 and 7 and study unit 1 for short so then in part 2 id only ansewr 2 i was saying this cause in part 1 in focuses on unit 6 an 7 ??:no_mouth:
rap.oconnor — 14/03/18
if you wanna email me i csn send you the shedual our teacher gave us which covers every single topic possible from easter to end of yesr
M Monahan — 15/03/18
https://www.studyclix.ie/discuss/Leaving-Cert-Business/key-topics-for-2018-leaving-certificate-business should assist
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