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    Help Please! Qazwsxedc1234

    I got quite a bad grade in the mocks and my teacher said it was because my answers were too short! Does anyone know how much you are expected to write for each long question and the ABQ? Thanks!

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      If its a 20 mark question you need four seperate points, if its a 15 mark question 3 seperate points and so on each with a state, explain and example, give an advantage and a disadvantage where possible too. it sounds like a lot but once you start writing you remember how much you actually know about the topic and its a breeze!

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      I have an idea now! Thanks very much!

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      How many sentences should you write when explaining a point (after stating)?

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      usually 4-5 :)

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      Are you sure? That seems a bit long, I've heard that 2-3 is okay, what do you think?

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      yeah that would be fine too! Just as long as you explain your answer with a relevant example it can kinda be as long as you want :)

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