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    Higher Level ~Business~ >Advice and Tips< Hahyathithi_9311

    ~ HL ~

    - Focus on units 3,4,5 as they come up on all three sections of exam. in the short and long questions and on the ABQ.

    - Management Skills And Activities are VERY IMPORTANT for this year as they are 100% due this year

    - Scan over units 1,2,6 and 7 and know units 3 to 5 inside out.

    - Timing is also crucial in the exams so just keep on going and don't stop.

    Just some tips, hope they helped.

    Good Luck in the exams and never give up as anything can happen just pray that hopefully it's positive. 😜

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      is there anything else that is predicted or due to come up last year and is it safe to leave out the stuff that came up in the last year or two

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      As I said units 3,4,5 are most important this year if you know them fairly well you are sorted for the exam. Management skills and activities are both from units 3 and 4 so id say the majority of the other questions will be from the same units 3 and 4 along with 5. You also have a choice of questions so if there are questions from unit 1,2,6 and 7 just pick the one from 3,4,5 and leave the other ones. 😉

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      M Monahan

      Look at also a good ABQ on relevant units this year.

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