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    HL business perdictions Leaving cert 15

    Anyone have any idea what might come up in the long questions in business this year? And what to really focus on over the next few weeks?

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      I would suggest Business Plan, know 5 headings, be able to write one out. Break Even and Cash-flow forecast, also know Units 2, 3 & 4 for the ABQ Questions. Ratio always comes up. Stakeholders in Business Question 1 (competitive / cooperative relationships) & Unfair Dismissals. Business Ethics, CSR. Environmental issues, FDI and Economic Variables and know TQM.

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      What do you mean by CSR?

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      Corporate Social Responsibilities ? i think

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      They like to try and pick current topics, and the takeover in Aer Lingus was big when they made out the papers, maybe a section on business expansion will come up?

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      you never know

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      Thanks a million

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      Have a look at notes on: great concise notes

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      Each topic has a typertext link, click into it to reveal the information, great for revison.

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      Less stress more success book for Business revision notes is excellent.

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      M Monahan

      Have a look at my new post, this should assist you.

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