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    HOW WILL I GET A H1 Star14

    Hi, i really NEED a H1 in business, im not sure if my teacher is just a particularly hard marker or if there is something extra i need to get a H1 anyone??

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      Revise your content and answer the question fully. Pick out key words and relate to them

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      just do your best!

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      Try reading this blog:


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      This should help:

      Structure is essential, theres often more than one component to a question e.g. link/evaluate/impact of...

      The examiner wants to see UNDERSTANDING and COURSE KNOWLEDGE for full marks. Bluff and half "correct" attempts without much or any reference to LC key terms won't score well.

      Our December Newsletter also has a review of the 2012 HL Paper with common errors made that year etc... which is well worth checking out

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      M Monahan

      Look at elements as stated in my other post for 2017 Revision, always state explain and give an example.

      I will be adding to this post when I complete my Key Revision Areas, in the meantime review the above link!

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