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    Key Topics for 2017 Leaving Certificate Business Examination M Monahan

    I am working on key areas for 2017, I will give more of a detailed outline shortly and put details up on Studyclix for revision, I would suggest in the meantime you should focus on Ratio Analysis and Business Documents, especially know Business Report, Business Letters layout and know the benefits of Cashflow, as this could be part (A) of a question or one of the Short Questions. Memo layout could also be a short question Section 1 and know the term Average Clause, know how to calculate it!

    Question 3 - Economy "What effect will "Brexit" have on Ireland Economy, benefits and challenges - this I believe could be a hot topic to consider in this area

    You need to be able to “Explain the role of Special Interest Groups in the decision making process of the European Union (EU)”

    “Discuss the benefits for the Irish Economy of on-going membership of the European Union (EU) after Brexit”, I suggest that you look at sample answers, click on web link:

    The 2017 ABQ will be based on Units 4, 5 and 6 of the syllabus, similar to the 2007 and 2012 examination as the ABQ operates on a five-year cycle so do out: 2002, 2007, 20012, before doing out new ABQ – Look at link:

    Remember to link the business key theory to the “case study material”, show the link!!

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      M Monahan

      When Revising Questions, group all Question 1 together, using Studyclix exam builder and then after trying the questions, get download PDF answers from Studyclix. Some topics come up regularly in the Question areas!

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      M Monahan

      I also find that the "Less Stress More Success - Business Revision Book" is excellent for drilling down notes into key elements.

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      Would you have any predictions for the economics LC paper 2017 by any chance? Thanks in advance!

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      M Monahan

      Have a look at give great answers to potential questions and also look at in the news for current articles that will help you with constructing answers for the Economics Questions this year. I would also strongly suggest getting Denis O'Grady book on "LC Economics" excellent resource and each chapter has questions and answers.

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      Thank you!

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      M Monahan

      You are welcome, I will be posting up more information shortly on the examination for LC Business.

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      This is great help, exactly what i was looking for with my comment on your post from last year.. Thank you!

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      Great help! Thank you!

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      M Monahan

      As promised, just put up my finalised note for Examination 2017 LC Business, please review:

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