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LC H1/H2
Alexandra_5478 Leaving Cert Business — 16/02/17 5

Anyone knows how could I get an H1/H2 in business?I am in sixth year.If I learn all the marking schemes and all the ABQ section from the book could I get an H2? or is it much more than that, information needed to provide?Thank you

ConorE123 — 15/02/17
Study, maybe???
Alexandra_5478 — 15/02/17
Yea but I was asking the past leaving certs as in did they get a H1/H2 if they studied only the marking scheme cuz that s what I wanna do
zdzichu — 16/02/17
Sticking to the marking scheme is a bad idea because a question might come up which hasn't came up before and then pretty much your screwed because there's no answer to that on the marking scheme what I do is study a chapter do a question on the chapter and then check the marking scheme and see what I got wrong and right then the thing I got wrong I learned learn them off I find it really effective for business and other subjects.
Niamhoc22 — 16/02/17
Its important to understand the break down rather than learning answers off. For example a question worth 15 marks will usually look for 3 points at 5marks each (2marks for naming the point + 3marks for explaining). This helps you to judge how much to write. As for the ABQ the 3 units make up almost 50% of the paper so I suggest learning them well.
kgccri — 16/02/17
Questions are really repetitive especially in the ABQ, the marking schemes are nearly always the same for the similar/same questions but some years theyre more vague while others very specific. Always aim for three points/sentences for each individual point you make in an answer and a general rule of thumb is divide the total marks for a part of a question by five and that's how many separate points you should make in your answer, marks go for the headings too! The marking schemes tend to omit evaluations which is exclusive to higher level. For the most time studying from the making scheme is a good idea.
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