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    Mock results Yasmine146

    I'm very dissapointed with some of the mock results that I have gotten back,they were marked very harshly especially Chemsitry and Business!I was expecting a H1/H2 in chemistry and got 76%.I did even worse in business and I was expecting a H2😒I literally wrote exactly what was in the book and lost marks for no reason haha😂What is the best way to study business?I already write out my own notes from the book!Do I learn off the marking schemes?All my mocks were sent out to be corrected and they were corrected TERRIBLY

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      Excuse my spelling! *disappointed

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      Mocks are usually corrected terribly at least in my experience. In general for all subjects there are a list of keywords your examiner looks for to give you the marks, some books don't use these keywords in their definitions and explanations etc. So make sure to study hard but using the marking scheme. and word your answers according to it.

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      Oh no you only got 76% ooohhh mmmyyyyy that is shockiinnggg i would hate to be you thats clearly soo badd hahaaha

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