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    Mocks prep ch1099

    Only started business this year and very behind on revision from work covered on 5th year!

    I'm hoping to pass it barely but the mocks are fast approaching !

    Does anyone have any advice for ABQs or long questions section? It'd be greatly appreciated

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      I also started the business course late into 5th year. I reccomend you dont leave the ABQ to last as it is a big chunk of marks and it will bring up your result if you apply yourself to it properly focus on shorts and ABQ to bring up your result. In the long Q's the calculations questions are the best place to get definite marks so i suggest learning your break evens and ratios after them its just general revision. I do suggest you focus on the Shorts ABQ and Calculations to get quick and easy marks

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      Do your ABQ last! It's worth 80 marks and the maximum amount of time you can spend on it is 40 minutes. I suggest doing the short q's first with a max timing of 30 mins. Then move onto your long questions as these are 60 marks per question. Once you know you have 40 minutes left in the exam, stop with your long questions and move onto your ABQ.

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