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    Passing honours Conor Hurley

    Got on great in the mocks with no study C1 but the paper was simple worried tomorrow will be much harder what should I focus on to pass ?

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      the abq units and unit one and 2

      focus on the ratios calculating tax and break even one of them will definitely come up . motivation theory x and theory y and maslow leadership learn factors for effective communication and barriers and most important is the human recourse management and management of change. learn the business life cycle a question on insurance is likely to come up look over unit1 and business organisations this will guarantee you a pass

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      M Monahan

      Conor, have a look at my notes this should assist with your revision. Best of luck!

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      Go through as many short questions and look at the recurring ones such as the ratio questions and the abbreviations for example "LRC"- labour relations commissions. Also, keep in mind that the ABQ topics this year are units 3,4,5 so there will be information from those specific units scattered around the exam. Always do question one in the long questions as it's from units 1-3 and they are piss like so its easy marks. The last thing is to just watch your time, you only need 160 marks to pass the paper but keep in mind that when a question is 20 marks it literally means a couple of sentences per point and not an essay. I made that mistake last year and wrote too much on the topics I knew a lot about and didn't get the paper finished. check out the discussion titled " business topics" and theres a guy called M monahan or something and he goes in depth to everything you need to know along with sample ABQ questions. Best of luck tomorrow!

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      M Monahan

      Hi Kevin,

      Yes you are very right about the timing, you need to be finished the short questions in 1/2 hour, also leave the ABQ till LAST as it is the unseen element of the paper and will take the longest to do, good luck!!! My notes on my post should really assist.

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      Thanks a million M Monahan, your notes have been really useful and they're deeply appreciated, cheers!

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      M Monahan

      No problem, good luck, let me know how you get on.

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      Conor Hurley

      Thanks for the help lads greatly appreciated !

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