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    Possible To Teach Myself Business cliodhna98

    Just wondering if you think it would be possible to teach myself business as I cant study it in school

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      yeah deffo! just make concise notes and practice exam papers.

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      No haha lol

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      My brother is studying it at school and he says its by far the easiest subject since its just theory. It's possible to study it at home as its not like chemistry or physics where a lot of explaining is required. From my knowledge of the paper you have to be able to apply what you have learned to certain circumstances like the ABQ's so doing a lot of exam papers and making clear concise notes would certainly work

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      It's an easy enough subject but there is a lot to remember. I think even if you can't do it in school, you should have someone who has business experience. My teacher is a successful CEO and worked in business for 20+ years so when he teaches us about a topic in business he gives us his own personal experience and that really helps me to remember everything. I'd say it's possible to teach it to yourself though.

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