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    Predictions for the Leaving Cert Business Exam 2016? jamielovesmusic123

    Hi there,

    So does anyone know what might come up , especially in the long questions? Does anyone think Communication & ICT could come up? What hasn't appeared in a while? What always appears? What about the mocks? Are they harder than the real thing?

    Thanks :)

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      marketing comes up as question 7 and people in business come up as question 1. unit 3,4,5 for abq

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      Franchising, business plan, business expansion, break even chart, managing change, taxation and TQM haven't come up the past few years

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      M Monahan

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      M Monahan

      Business Plan, Letter Writing, Business Reports and Memo, Average Clause (short Questions) have not come up for a few years! Break even chart where the BE point changes due to a change in the variable cost is also likely, look at my notes.

      Functions/Role of the Human Resources Manager has also not come up for a while.

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