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Topics 2017 Leaving Certificate Business Examination
M Monahan Leaving Cert Business — 28/08/17 95

Just finalised the "Key Revision Topics for Business Examination 2017" Short Question – Answer 8 Questions – 3 Minutes per question - AFTER 30 MINUTES MOVE ONTO THE LONG QUESTIONS! – LEAVE ABQ TILL LAST!!! Short Questions to look at: - Memo Layout – Look at Short Question Q.2 2009. - Difference between a Regulation and Directive A regulation is an EU Law which becomes immediately enforceable as law in all members states. Regulations take precedence over national laws. Regulations are self-executing and do not need any implementing measures. Examples: EU European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011, was transposed into Irish national law. A Directive provides an outline to member states of legislation to be achieved in specific areas by a given date. Directive is binding on each state but the choice as to how to incorporate it into national legislation is left to the authorities in that member state. Examples: WEEED – Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment Directive. Nitrates Directive – Directing the levels of fertilizers to be used on land by Irish Farmers. - Calculation of Balance of Trade (physical goods, visible) versus the Balance of Payments (invisible + physical goods). Note if Ireland is exporting more that it is important, that is good for our economy, more jobs to create products that has been exported = Surplus, the opposite is a Deficit (we are buying more goods from abroad, importing more than exporting). - Break Even Diagram Calculate the BE Point => Fixed Cost / CPU (Sales – Variable Costs). What happens if the Sales figure changes? Variable Costs increase? Shift in BE Point!! - Protectionism - Setting up barriers to trade to reduce imports to the country, to protect home industry from foreign competition, to protect jobs. Tariffs – Taxes or duties on imported goods to make them more expensive. Quotas – Limit on quantities of goods that can be imported. Embargos - Ban on importing of specific goods from particular countries. - Difference between a Condition and Warranty. Condition a clause that is vital and goes to the heart of the contract Warranty is less important clause, allows the injured party to sue for damages. - Insurance - Average Clause, know how to calculate it! Value Insured (What you insured it for) x Loss Value of House (Actual Value) Note: The average clause state that if a partial loss is suffered and the property is under insured, then only a proportion of the amount insured will be paid. Long Questions – 4 Questions to be completed in total! Long Questions – State, Explain and give Examples to show your understanding of the topic! - Characteristics of Entrepreneurs – Control, Self-confident, Decisive, Creative/Innovated, Energetic. - Enterprising skills – Planning/Goal setting, Assessing risk/decision making, Time management, HR, Innovation, Reality perception, Inner control. - Leadership styles, effect on the organisation and staff (link to Motivational theory Maslow, X&Y). - Management Activities – POC (Planning, Organising & Controlling). - Management Skills - LMC (Leading, Motivating and Communications). - Relationships that exist between the parties in business co-operative and competitive - Q.1 2005 (be able to use examples). - Consumer Rights – Sales of Goods and Supply of Services and redress/remedies for breach of the Act. Role of Small Claims Court and Ombusman for Public Services. - Insurance, know the Principles of Insurance, be able to give examples. Types of Insurance – Public Liability, Fidelity Guarantee….. - Contract Law Elements and Termination of Contract - TQM – Total Quality Management, how does it benefit the business and affect its performance? - What are the benefits of empowerment for a business? How does it affect employee motivation? - Organisational structure, why would an organisation change its structure? (Reasons why a Business Enterprise might change its organisational structure). VIP - Wages Calculation – Look at Question 5 – 2013. - Wages and Wages Calculation, remember USC on Gross Wages (include BIK) especially know the forms P12A, Tax Credit, P21. Business Plan – Layout (5 Headings) Look up LC Q.6 – 2006 full & Q.5 (C) 2005 1, Description of Business – Name of Company etc. 2. Organisation and Management – Management team, qualifications experience etc ….. 3. Marketing and Marketing Strategies – Target market, Market research, 4P’s……. 4. Manufacturing Operations and Premises – Manufacturing process, premises, Q.C….. 5. Financial Analysis and Investment proposal, Finance requirements, Finance available….. Signed:………… Owner of the Business What are the benefits for an enterprise preparing a Business Plan? You could have a Generic Layout done for this and then apply to the case scenario “case study” piece on the day! - Know Report Layout, Letter Layout, Memo, Agenda layout. The Business exam is very practical this year. - Communication – Effective communication, why is it important for a business? - Does the style of Management effect the employment motivation? - What are the strategies for managing change in a business? VIP - Ratio Analysis, NEED know all ratios either comes up as a short or long question in examination. Calculate on the Issued Share Capital (given to Shareholders not the Authorised Share Capital. Why would shareholders use profitability ratios when making a decision about whether to invest in the business? Why would a business need to prepare Ratios for a business? Discuss the different forms of finance, benefits and drawbacks of each form. 3 Ratios: 1. Profitability: ROI, Gross & Net Profit Margin. 2. Liquidity: CA:CL (2:1) & Acid Test (Quick) CA-Stock : CL (1:1). 3. Debt/Equity (Gearing): Long term Debt : Equity (Ordinary Issued Share Capital & Reserves/Retained earnings). Comment on findings! NOTE: Always quote figures when stating findings in question, you have calculated them, use figures gained in answer. - Community Development, its benefits & Business Ethics CSR – Q.2 (C) 2012. - What are the effects of meeting Ethical, Social and Environmental Responsibilities on a firms’ revenue and costs? - Direct Foreign Investments Benefits to Ireland. Advantages and Disadvantages of Transnational Companies in Ireland. - Reasons for Business Expansion? How would the business finance the expansion? - Importance of Business Expansion – Why is EU important for Ireland? - Discuss the impact of the European Union (EU) on Irish business – Challenges/Benefits? - Economy "What effect will "Brexit" have on Ireland Economy, benefits and challenges - “Explain the role of Special Interest Groups in the decision making process of the European Union (EU)” “Discuss the benefits for the Irish Economy of on-going membership of the European Union (EU) after Brexit”, I suggest that you look at sample answers, click on web link: https://businesseducation.ie/business/european-union/ - Know the EU Decision Making Process, EU Policies and Global Marketing Strategy. - Marketing Question look at 2006 Q.7 – Excellent to practice Report Layout, Stages in development of a new Product/Service, Packaging, Branding, Product Life Cycle and Channel of Distribution. - The 2017 ABQ will be based on Units 4, 5 and 6 of the syllabus, similar to the 2007 and 2012 examination as the ABQ operates on a five-year cycle so do out: 2002, 2007, 2012, before doing out new ABQ – Look at link: https://businesseducation.ie/applied-business-question-2017/ Remember to link the business key theory to the “case study material”, show the link!! Sources of Finance could be linked into the ABQ – Short, Medium and Long.

M Monahan — 23/03/17
Hope the above is of some assistance with revision topics 2017.
appa — 23/03/17
Thank you so much for taking your time to provide such useful information ! :)
M Monahan — 23/03/17
Delighted to assist. Use Studyclix exam builder to group topic areas together, this will allow you to practice questions from the examination papers and have model sample answers as a bonus!
Alexandra_5478 — 24/03/17
Wow thank you so much for all this useful information!Would I be ok if I learnt all of those+ did exam papers from 2016 back to 2003?
M Monahan — 29/03/17
Yes, good idea to go through each question, all revision will pay off. Main think is to keep an eye on the time, it goes quickly and you need to get the key points down. State - Explain - Give an example!
M Monahan — 01/04/17
Excellent website to assist with revision and give details of breakdown of marks in Business Examination: http://www.businessleavingcert.com/exam-technique.html
hugolennox — 05/04/17
thank you so much, you are my new hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yasmine146 — 05/04/17
Thank you so much,really helps!
M Monahan — 06/04/17
Delighted to assist, let me know how your study is progressing.
Robert5678 — 11/04/17
how sure are you, that these topics will come up?
Adams99 — 15/04/17
Hey, can you do a similar thing for Economics?
M Monahan — 15/04/17
Have a look at https://businesseducation.ie/economic-indicators/economic-growth/ give great answers to potential questions and also look at https://businesseducation.ie/in-the-news/ in the news for current articles that will help you with constructing answers for the Economics Questions this year. I would also strongly suggest getting Denis O'Grady book on "LC Economics" excellent resource and each chapter has questions and answers.
appa — 16/04/17
Would things such as timing, accuracy of information and visuals come under the importance of effective communication?
M Monahan — 18/04/17
Yes, also know the "barriers" to effective communication, opposite to effective.
M Monahan — 18/04/17
Keep grouping question together using exam builder on Studyclix, then you will have questions and answers on the topic areas!
appa — 18/04/17
Thank you!
M Monahan — 21/04/17
You are very welcome, keep calm and keep grouping and practicing questions, timing is key.
Lizzy1234 — 24/04/17
M Monahan — 24/04/17
Good questions done for for Ratio Analysis, which features strongly on the Business Paper https://businesseducation.ie/exam-q-and-a/ratio-analysis/ You will need to know how to calculate each of the Ratios 1. Profitability: ROI, Gross & Net Profit Margin. 2. Liquidity: CA:CL (2:1) & Acid Test (Quick) CA-Stock : CL (1:1). 3. Debt/Equity (Gearing): Long term Debt : Equity (Ordinary Issued Share Capital & Reserves/Retained earnings). Comment on findings! Always quote figures calculated in your answer.
M Monahan — 24/04/17
Good article on Brexit - Ireland http://www.irishtimes.com/business/economy/mind-the-gap-transition-deal-in-brexit-talks-vital-for-ireland-1.3028806 Articles in the news at present: https://businesseducation.ie/in-the-news/
M Monahan — 05/05/17
Hope your study is going well? You will need to practice ACROMs this year and know layout of Report / Letters / Memos - Business Documents.
M Monahan — 09/05/17
Relationships conflicting interests "stakeholders in Business" can be cooperative or competitive, employers, employee etc. be able to discuss. Benefits of Unions for employees very topical as issues for pay has been in the headlines for the past year. Short Questions, need to know Memorandum Layout, Average Clause and Debt/Equity Ratio calculation. Business Documents layout very important, Business Plan, Business Report and Letter writing.
Ronan_8105 — 11/05/17
What sort of things in the marketing chapters would you expect to come up this year?
Ronan_8105 — 11/05/17
Could you email me? ronanjoyce123@gmai.com
cmurphy98 — 27/05/17
Are you a business teacher? Is this info based on past papers yes?
M Monahan — 30/05/17
I have analysed and reviewed all Business Papers from 2002, I think it would be a good idea to go through the key points above.
Prior17 — 02/06/17
thank you this is great.
niall14ireland — 02/06/17
Michelledillon123 — 03/06/17
could you email me about a business issue I have - michelledillon112@gmail.com
Conor1243 — 03/06/17
Just wondering what acts we need to have covered for the exam? I have the WRC done, labour court, CCPC, Data protection act and the Sale of Goods. Is there anything I'm missing? Also is the director of equality tribunal gone? I can't find any of this out online and would really appreciate it if you could let me know , thank you.
M Monahan — 05/06/17
How can Unions assist employees, the role of the Union in disputes, would be important.
M Monahan — 05/06/17
Competitive relationships, give examples, co-operative relationships - stakeholders in business has not come up for a very long time.
Olivia_f101 — 12/06/17
Found this to be very helpful, just 3 days til my business exam, do you have any idea what I should study for Business in action (unit 5) and international environment (unit 7)?
M Monahan — 13/06/17
Business in Action - Business Plan, know the headings as outlined in my notes above, also business expansion, different sources of Finance to enable business expansion. Why do business need to expand? What Organisations assist them in expanding their operations. International Environment - "Brexit" affects on our Irish Economy, what are the benefits/challenges of being part of the EU, notes provided above in my Topics for review.
M Monahan — 13/06/17
Good luck Business students with your revision and preparation for examination on Thursday, please give me feedback on how the examination went. Any other questions in the meantime please post on Studyclix.
rourke.barry — 13/06/17
When should i give examples in the SQ's? Always? Or is there a certain prompt?
ainemcclean — 14/06/17
So this is all I need to study for the exam
M Monahan — 14/06/17
Always good to State, Explain and give an Example (SEE) in all structured questions. NOTE: NEED TO WATCH YOUR TIMING. Short Questions need to be completed in the first half hour, followed by long questions, then and only then approach the ABQ as you need the longest time for this, Good luck.
M Monahan — 14/06/17
Let me know how the Paper goes tomorrow, I would like some feedback from you.
Gilroy98 — 14/06/17
Do we need to know the function of a paticular trade union.There is none in the book.Thanks
chloe_taylor78 — 14/06/17
How long do we spend on long questions?
M Monahan — 14/06/17
No more than 23 minutes,will need all the time for the ABQ.
M Monahan — 14/06/17
Need to know what is the functions of a Trade Union: Organisation representing workers of a similar trade or profession. It negotiates on their behalf and provides them with the vial information and services. The Shop Steward: Union Official elected by the workers to represent them in the workplace. Provides information, distributes literature, resolves minor disputes and negotiates with the management of the business
M Monahan — 14/06/17
Benefits of Teamwork: Groups of workers undertake particular tasks so that goals are achieved more quickly and efficiently. Teamwork raises no just moral but also productivity. The basis of team formation is: Forming, Storming, Forming and Performing, could come up as a short question.
Bianca_4952 — 14/06/17
Thanks so much for the information!! Are they predictions for both higher and ordinary ??
M Monahan — 14/06/17
Just a note on Ordinary Level: No ABQ for Ordinary Level 25% of the marks is for the Short Questions, 75% is for the Long Question. General Topics same as HL Paper Consumer Legislation People in Business, Small Claims Court comes up regularly as Q1 in Ordinary Level, Forms of Business - Sole Trader, Partnership, PLC. Characteristics of Entrepreneurs: Control, Self-confident, Decisive, Creative/Innovated, Energetic. Enterprising skills – Planning/Goal setting, Assessing risk/decision making, Time management, HR, Innovation, Reality perception, Inner control. Leadership styles and Motivational theory Maslow, McGregors X&Y. Management Activities – POC (Planning, Organising & Controlling. Management Skills - LMC Leading, Motivating and Communications. Wages Calculation, know the P21, P45 & P60. Notice for Meeting and Agenda - Duties of Chairperson, Secretary. Good Communication, why is it important for a business. Marketing Product Life Cycle, Branding, Target Market. Sources of Finance - Short, Medium and Long Term. Organisational Structures, be able to draw out (Functional, Geographic, Product). Employment Equality Act, Discrimination, Industrial Relations. Cashflow foreast be able to analyse it, write about the Net Cash Figure, comment on findings. Contract Law, Offer, Acceptance, Consideration etc. Balance of trade (Visible/physical) goods and Balance of Payments (Visible and Invisible goods) be able to calculate, effects of "Brexit" on the economy. . Insurance - Principles. 4P's of Marketing - Apply to Product or service. Letter writing/Memo Layout, benefits of a Business Plan, The above Topics as discussed in the Topics for HL would also apply, could use these for revision.
M Monahan — 14/06/17
These videos will assist with quick revision on all elements of LC Business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaE6MLHi-Dw&list=PLRwKUUX3hgRfvBHoU6xzRACwOm8tA4nRa https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClEqYMtdhlrEDffpbM_3LQw/playlists?shelf_id=5&sort=dd&view=50 REMEMBER - KEEP A CLOSE WATCH ON TIME, MAKE SURE YOU KEEP MOVING ON, NEED TO ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS!! Timing will be your greatest challenge. GOOD LUCK, let me know how you got on.
M Monahan — 14/06/17
Memo Layout: Memorandum To: Mr Brown - HR Manager From: Ms Monahan - ICT Manager Ref: MM/MM Date: 15th June 2017 NEW TRAINING FOR EMPLOYEES - DATE FRIDAY 16.06.17 Please be advised staff training on new Computer System will take place this Friday from 9am to 5pm in the board room. M Monahan Memo: Document used for short messages inside a business.
M Monahan — 14/06/17
Report: This is a major document issued by a specially commissioned report body outlining the cause of some event or indicating possible future courses of action for a business or government department. Layout as follows: 1. Title of Report 2. Names of Report Body 3. Terms of Reference for the Report (What its about) 4. Procedure for undertaking the report. 5. Findings of the Report (after the investigation). 6. Conclusions (what you have found) 7. Recommendations (what you would recommend for the future of the business) 8. Closing section (wrap-up) Sign the report on behalf of the report body.
M Monahan — 14/06/17
Business Plan: Sets down on paper the current position and future prospects of a business, it is especially required when looking for finance from potential investors/banks. Layout as follows: 1. Description of Business: Business Plan of xxxx Ltd (Name of Organisation & Address). 2. Organisation and Management (Management Team, Qualifications, Experience & Staffing) 3. Marketing and Marketing Strategies (Marketing Mix 4'P's & USP) 4. Manufacturing Operations and Premises (Manufacturing process, QC) 5. Financial Analysis and Investment Proposal (Finance Requirement, Finance available & Financial Projections). Sign______________ Owners of the Business Note need to know the outline of these business documents!! 4. Staffing in the organisation. 5. Financial Structure - (Debt/Equity/Personal) 6. Marketing Plan
M Monahan — 14/06/17
Evaluate ‘franchising’ as a form of business ownership for a new enterprise - Q,2 2009, is this the right question?
Olivia Charlotte — 14/06/17
sorry no its 2009 Q2 the short question it is part of the memo layout
M Monahan — 14/06/17
Sales Promotion: Free samples. Special Offers Competition - cars, holidays, Two-for-the-price-of-one offers. Money-off packs. In-store demostrations.
M Monahan — 14/06/17
Brexit Article: Question 3 - material http://www.irishtimes.com/business/economy/the-five-biggest-irish-threats-from-a-hard-brexit-1.2943042
Cliodhnaellen97 — 14/06/17
to: date: from: subject: ........................................................ ........................................................ signed:
Cliodhnaellen97 — 14/06/17
thats a memo
Adam_6810 — 14/06/17
how do you know all this?
M Monahan — 14/06/17
Memo Layout: Memorandum To: Mr Brown - HR Manager From: Ms Monahan - ICT Manager Ref: MM/MM Date: 15th June 2017 NEW TRAINING FOR EMPLOYEES - DATE FRIDAY 16.06.17 Please be advised staff training on new Computer System will take place this Friday from 9am to 5pm in the board room. M Monahan Memo: Document used for short messages inside a business.
M Monahan — 14/06/17
The above I would use as a Memo Layout. I wish you all the very best with the Business Examination tomorrow, REMEMBER WATCH YOUR TIME!!! Read the Question and underline the key words, answers the questions you know best. State, explain and give examples, bring the business theory to life. Its a good practical subject. GOOD LUCK!!! - Please provide feedback after the examination, would like to hear how you got on.
M Monahan — 15/06/17
Good Luck today!! Remember your timing on questions! Awaiting feedback......
Alexandra_5478 — 15/06/17
Thank you for predicting all of these I looked over 80% of the things you said and literally you saved me from failing this subject!Expecting a high grade now!Thank you for all the effort you put into this!!I appreciate it
Alexandra_5478 — 15/06/17
Do you think I would get some attempt marks if I did balance of payments instead of balance of trade?
keava — 15/06/17
Omg thank you so much! Like everything you said came up
M Monahan — 15/06/17
Great to get feedback, delighted to assist. I am looking forward to seeing the paper when it becomes available. Don't worry what you did wrong, look what you have achieved and have done right! Well done everyone!!
neilan — 15/06/17
Thanks really helped today !
M Monahan — 15/06/17
Delighted revision topics helped, see from feedback that Tariffs came up: Good that you had the article link: http://www.irishtimes.com/business/economy/the-five-biggest-irish-threats-from-a-hard-brexit-1.2943042 - Point 2 - 4. 2. The biggest threat comes from disruption in trade to Britain. If Britain leaves the European Union with no agreement on future free trade between the two, then the likelihood is that special import taxes, or tariffs, would apply on trade between Britain and EU countries. So Irish exporters to the UK would face tariffs, at levels set down by the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the body which governs world trade. Tariffs would also apply on British imports here, which would, in theory, push prices up in the shops. The fact that Britain is expected to grow more slowly – and that this will affect EU growth – will also affect our exporters. That said, the British economy has so far held up better than expected, but remember Brexit hasn’t happened yet. 3. A “softer” Brexit, with fewer barriers to trade in future, would have a significantly smaller hit on our economy. So if Britain and the EU can agree future trading arrangements with no tariffs, or tariffs smaller than those set down by the WTO, the hit will be less. The initial mood music before the talks suggests this will not be easy. 4. Some sectors are particularly exposed. Tariff levels have emerged over many years of international trade. For historical reasons – and because countries have wanted to protect their own farming sectors – tariffs tend to be higher on heavier products, particularly foodstuffs. So tariffs on some kind of meat exports, for example,could be up to 50 per cent using WTO levels, which would effectively price many Irish producers out of the UK market, and out of business.
Gilroy98 — 15/06/17
Nasty paper I thought.Cheers for the predictions though spot on.Hope to scrape a H2
Yasmine146 — 15/06/17
It was a horrible paper,especially the abq but these really helped me!Co operative relationship ��
M Monahan — 16/06/17
Had a look at the paper, on the examinations.ie website https://www.examinations.ie/tmp/1497616349_636070.pdf The ABQ was tricky, that is way I stated you needed to leave it till last, more time needed. Overall a good paper, I do agree with the article on the Independent "Despite easy start, Leaving Certificate Business paper was more challenging than usual" - Keith Hannigan of the Institute of Education, Dublin. Have a read: http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/education/exams/despite-easy-start-leaving-certificate-business-paper-was-more-challenging-than-usual-35830018.html
M Monahan — 16/06/17
More direct link to the LC Business Paper: https://www.examinations.ie/tmp/1497618177_1531545.pdf Another article to look at, more or less the same as previous article on the Independent: http://www.irishtimes.com/news/education/leaving-cert-business-topical-paper-refers-to-exploding-mobiles-1.3121420 Best of luck Business Students with your Results, hope all goes according to plan.
M Monahan — 16/06/17
I would be grateful if you could let me know your results for Business when your get information August, I know you all did your very best in the Business exam and on completion of all your examinations I hope you have a great summer break.
bagocans — 16/06/17
@M Monahan any chance you would do some predictions for physics? I know its an entirely different subject but you are evidently excellent at predicting trends! Thank you.
micks — 16/06/17
What act protected the consumer against the phone going on fire?
michellemcc98 — 16/06/17
what was the layout of report again??
bagocans — 16/06/17
micks I said Sale Of Goods and Supply Of Services act 1980--- it wasn't merchantable quality, as per sample or intended use etc? anyone else?
M Monahan — 16/06/17
Consumer Association of Ireland (CAI) and Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) ensures that the Sales of Goods and Supply of Service Act is enacted so that the consumer is protected against faulty products. Yes as stated above. The Sales of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980, states goods must be of merchantable quality, fit for the purpose, obviously since the Samsung 7 phones went on fire, they are in breach of the elements of this act. The consumer is entitled to the 3'R, Refund, Replacement or Repair. Obviously Samsung (the shop/retail outlet where it was sold) is entitled to request proof of purchase, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the shop receipt. You could show your credit or debit card statement if you used one or any other documentation that proves it was purchased in that particular shop or retail chain. When you buy something, no matter how big or small it is, you enter into a contract/legal agreement with the seller. Your rights don’t change just because you bought the item in a sale. But you don’t have a right to return something if the fault with it was pointed out to you before you bought it. If you have a complaint about faulty items, shop notices such as “No Refunds” or “No Exchanges” do not limit your rights. Some shops display these notices, particularly during the sales, but this does not take away your rights under consumer protection law if the goods are faulty. As the consumer, you are the person responsible for noticing if there is a problem or fault with something you have bought, and you must act quickly to tell the seller that you have found this problem. If you received the item as a gift, you will need to have a proof of purchase if you need to return it to the seller for any reason. This can take the form of a gift receipt, which you may need to request from the person who bought the item. Note more details on: Consumer Association of Ireland: https://thecai.ie/your-rights/your-rights/know-your-rights/ and : https://www.ccpc.ie/consumers/about/about-us/
M Monahan — 16/06/17
Physics I have heard that the Folens Rapid Revision Book is excellent, you now need to group topics together, look at this book https://www.folens.ie/books/rapid-revision-physics
M Monahan — 16/06/17
Some more useful Websites which might help with quick revision, go back over the last 5 years, some questions appear regularly focus on these. http://www.625points.com/2016/10/leaving-cert-physics-predictions.html http://thephysicsteacher.ie/leavingcertphysicshome.html http://www.studynotes.ie/flashcards/modern-physics-leaving-cert-physics-terms/ https://www.youtube.com/user/khanacademy
M Monahan — 16/06/17
As you did for the Business Questions, use the Sudyclix Exam builder to group the questions for the Physics, then you will have questions & solutions together!!
bagocans — 17/06/17
Thank you! you are an economics teacher too yes? any chance you have predictions for that? thanks again
M Monahan — 17/06/17
As stated in my earlier post, it would be a good idea to have a look at https://businesseducation.ie/economic-indicators/economic-growth/ give great answers to potential questions and also look at https://businesseducation.ie/in-the-news/ in the news for current articles that will help you with constructing answers for the Economics Questions this year. I would also strongly suggest getting Denis O'Grady book on "LC Economics" excellent resource and each chapter has questions and answers. Also use the Sudyclix Exam builder to group the questions for the Economics, then you will have questions & solutions together!!
Dodobird — 17/06/17
When it asked to name the act i just said the sales of good supply of services. Will i get this wrong since i didnt put in the year. Also for the next part i just talked about the staturory righs only, so 4 points of merchantable quality, fit for purpose, conform to description, guarantees. Is that right ?
M Monahan — 17/06/17
Does not matter that you did not have the 1980 year of the Sales of Goods and Supply of Services Act, you will still get the points. yes you answered the question correctly, did you link it to the Samsung 7 faulty product, then all should be ok with your answer. Don't worry to much about it, you have done fine. Its hard to think under exam pressure and the timing is very short for each question. Concentrate now on finishing your exams and having a wonderful relaxing summer. Business Students, don't forget to let me know how your results go.
Saudking — 18/06/17
M Monahan — 18/06/17
You are very welcome, delighted to assist, once exams are over enjoy the summer until the results, then please let me know how you all got on, best of luck with everything.
Mary_2022 — 18/06/17
M Monahan — 19/06/17
You are very welcome, delighted to assist, keep me informed of how you get on with your results.
M Monahan — 14/08/17
Only 2 days until Results are out, let me know how you get on. I wish you all the very best of luck, you all did your best and there is plenty of options open to you.
Yasmine146 — 16/08/17
I got a H2 in business thank you so mcuh for your help!!!!
Yasmine146 — 16/08/17
M Monahan — 16/08/17
Thank you for feedback, I am delighted for you. Hopefully my other on-line students will give me feedback.
Gilroy98 — 16/08/17
Nice one got a H1 dont know how but I did I owe you one Monahan ��
M Monahan — 16/08/17
Thanks for the feedback, Excellent result delighted for you. All the hardwork paid off, I wish you all the best with your future career.
Evan6 — 22/08/17
Got a H1 even though didnt think it was my best exam - Thanks for the predictions!
Shaunacurran3 — 28/08/17
Has anyone any revision notes for business that they could email to me? Thank you so much!
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