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    What topics are looking to come up? DavidO

    hey jus wondering is there any certain chapters that have a good chance of coming up tomorrow????

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      forgot to put in that im wondering for ordinary level

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      M Monahan

      No ABQ for OL, 25% of the marks is for the Short Questions, 75% is for the Long Question.

      General Topics same as HL Paper Consumer Legislation People in Business, Small Claims Court comes up regularly,

      Forms of Business - Sole Trader, Partnership, PLC.

      Characteristics of Entrepreneurs: Control, Self-confident, Decisive, Creative/Innovated, Energetic.

      Enterprising skills – Planning/Goal setting, Assessing risk/decision making, Time management, HR,

      Innovation, Reality perception, Inner control.

      Leadership styles and Motivational theory Maslow, McGregors X&Y.

      Management Activities – POC (Planning, Organising & Controlling.

      Management Skills - LMC Leading, Motivating and Communications.

      Notice for Meeting and Agenda - Duties of Chairperson, Secretary.

      Good Communication, why is it important for a business.

      Marketing Product Life Cycle, Branding, Target Market.

      Sources of Finance - Short, Medium and Long Term.

      Organisational Structures, be able to draw out (Functional, Geographic, Product).

      Employment Equality Act, Discrimination, Industrial Relations.

      Cashflow foreast be able to analyse it, write about the Net Cash Figure, comment on findings.

      Contract Law, Offer, Acceptance, Consideration etc.

      Balance of trade (Visible/physical) goods and Balance of Payments (Visible and Invisible goods) be able to calculate.

      Insurance - Principles.

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      M Monahan key areas to revise, use as a checklist!

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      thank you very much this is great help

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