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    Substitution reactions vanilllacookie

    hi if anyone could help with substitution reactions or have notes explaining it i would really appreciate it...Doing about initiation propagation and termination and i don't have a clue what's going on

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      chlorine is slipt into two free radicals by uv light. one free radical is positivley charged and the other is negativley charged this is called homolytic fission.

      free radicals are very reactive!

      one hydrogen atom in the methane molecule is attracted to the negativiely charged free radical. this then forms hydrogen chloride and a methly free radical

      the methyl free radical is then attrached to a cholrine atom this froms ch3cl and a cholrine free radical this sets up a free radical

      termination occurs when.... two radicals meet

      2 cholrine free radicals join to from chlorine

      a chlorine free radical and a methly free radical join to form a ch3cl molecule

      2 methly free radicals join to form a ethane molecule

      all you need to do for full marks is labelled diagrams with a sentance to explain each

      also you need to be able to give 3 pieces of evidence

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      Thanks a mill :) that helps alot thank you

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