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Absolutely dreading this exam
HontheLC Leaving Cert Chemistry — 18/06/16 9

Anyone else? Especially after that horror of a Biology paper..

michael.ryan.712714 — 16/06/16
if you find the biology tough, youre fucked
HontheLC — 16/06/16
Pretty harsh Michael considering most of the country thought the same..
taengoogle.09 — 16/06/16
The ones that I've heard actually circulating is that most of A/B students found it hard and C/D students thought t'was okay.. so. I am dreading as well but check this article, it might help you to keep going. http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/education/going-to-college/its-nearly-over-but-give-it-one-last-push-34801614.html
michael.ryan.712714 — 16/06/16
Apologies, account was hacked. I think it will be tough but the SEC have appointed a new examiner for Chemistry this year so it is unlikely that he/she will want to draw bad attention on the exam. As regards biology - a testing paper that seperated the As from the Bs. NAD is not on the course but is mentioned in most textbooks. % water mass of cell question was a joke
MAYYAMIMI — 17/06/16
What taken Google said she just so weird
Jamie004 — 17/06/16
Same. It's just so difficult to understand and there's too many experiments.
Molly121 — 18/06/16
How do you know the SEC have appointed a new examiner?
michael.ryan.712714 — 18/06/16
Was mentioned on boards.ie
michael.ryan.712714 — 18/06/16
lads ive a tiny knob
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