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    Anyone have any good Chemistry notes? lollb1998

    Hi, my teacher gave the class some notes, but I dod not really find i understood them. A quick google search didn't yield many results either, so if anyone has some good notes they would like to share, please provide a link/upload to this post.

    Thank you very much in advance.


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      On what topics,,my teacher gives us great notes :)

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      Kayli smyth

      i have really good notes up until chemical equilibrium

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      if theres any notes available could I have them too please! :)

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      I wouldn't mind some good notes either xD If anyone has anything good about all topics available please send them on :)

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      Its a amazing site for easy to understand notes on everthing

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      If you get the Rapid Revision Folens book it has everything it's brilliant has brilliant notes and diagrams :)

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      yeah the rapid revision is actually really handy, had an experiment test last week and was able to brush through every experiment really quickly to freshen myself up before the exam x

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      email i'll send them 2 u

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      Kayli smyth

      I have really good notes. Really detailed. Whoever wants them email me.

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