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Chemistry 2016
ballet Leaving Cert Chemistry — 21/06/16 15

That paper was honestly so hard. Did anyone else find it hard ???

laylalushni — 21/06/16
i found some of the questions hard and detailed, but overall compared to last years it was lovely. just hated Q2 and some calculations confused me
ballet — 21/06/16
Not sure if better than 2015 , found it bad
MAYYAMIMI — 21/06/16
OH{-} + 4 ClO{-} + S2O3{2-} = 4 Cl{-} + 2 SO4{2-} + H{+}
MAYYAMIMI — 21/06/16
Answer to oxidation question what I got
MAYYAMIMI — 21/06/16
ClO- oxidizing agent S2O3 reducing agent
MAYYAMIMI — 21/06/16
Reduction gain of electrons. Reduction decrease in oxidation number
MAYYAMIMI — 21/06/16
For q11 I wrote sulphurs is in excess
ddp.cronin — 21/06/16
yes sulfer in excess
Longbottoms — 21/06/16
What did people get for the KC value in question 7?
louisoc — 21/06/16
Kc value was 196000
Longbottoms — 21/06/16
Brilliant! I got that
Soniclouise — 21/06/16
it was awful I hated it :( secondary mostly to a lack of doing the experiments and being a tactile learner - should have known
646496 — 21/06/16
I got 6% for the concentration of ethanoic acid which from reading answers online seems to be wrong,will I get 0 even if my calculations were the correct method?
Soniclouise — 21/06/16
no they will give you you marks for the method maybe obly 3 but its something
Insa333 — 21/06/16
I messed up in a place where I wrote 0.8 instead of 0.08. This meant my other answers further down were also affected by this. How many marks will I lose for this? Will I only be marked down for the initial slip or will marks be taken away from the other answers as well?
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