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    Chemistry LC and Mock Laurageog

    Our school got the 2015 mock so we didnt get to see any predictions for the real Lc With ours! Could someone please tell me what came up for the first three question experiments just to get an idea! ☺️

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      Hardness in water, Preparation of Ethyne and Redox Reactions :)

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      Thanks 😊

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      hate that

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      If you're referring to the Higher level LC Chemistry there were two possible Mock Papers from two suppliers.

      Exam Craft provided a paper where the first 3 questions were

      1. EDTA titration to determine water Hardness

      2. Preparation of Ethyne AND Preparation of Ethene

      3. Rates of Reaction with graph to plot and calculations from graph and typical questions on rate changing factors.

      DEB supplied a paper with

      1. Same as above

      2. Preparation of Ethyne and uses of same.

      3. Oxidising properties of Halogens, Test for Sulfite ion and redox reaction between Mg and CuSO4

      Hope this detail helps you. Good luck!

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      If you want the DEB mock still you can send me an email to and i can send you back photos of it :)

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