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    Examcraft mocks chemistry HL mhassan678

    Does anyone have chemistry HL examcraft mock

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      Chemistry Higher level Examcraft

      Spoiler: Spoiler: [Q1. Determine the hardness of water

      Q2. Ethyne and Ethene experiment

      Q3. Rates of reaction experiment (carbon dioxide production)

      Q5. A) Define i) isotopes ii)relative atomic mass iii) calculate relative atomic mass

      B) Radioactivity- define, what is an alpha particle, properties

      C) Define covalent bond

      Define sigma and pi bonding

      Q6. Hydrocarbons

      Q7. Equilibrium

      Q8. IUPAC names,

      Q9.Acid bases,PH, Water treatment

      Q10. a)Gases B)Reduction/Reduction C) Clove oil extraction

      Q11. a)Preperation of carbon dioxide

      B)Define Energy level,atomic orbital, S.p config of iron, how many i)main energy levels,ii)atomic orbitals

      occupied by iron in ground state, electronic config of fe2+ and Fe3+ and use them to predict which is more

      stable of the iron ions

      C) A) define acidic oxide

      B) Monomer used in manufactor of poly(phenylethene)

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      Can u email to me at I would really appreciate it

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      sure but do u have the deb paper or applied maths examcraft paper?

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      Is the the 2016 mock paper

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      I have the DEB papers. Want the examcraft chem paper. Swap?

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      Can someone please email me both DEB and exam craft mock papers for chemistry (H) on : ? that would help a lot!

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