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    Experiment Predictions?? itsmebecks

    Just wondering does anyone have predictions about the chemistry experiments this year?

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      Lady Shagpile

      Definitely watch out for the iron tablet titration, the new benzoic acid preparation, the test for free chlorine and the vinegar titration. That's my advice, but make sure you're familiar with all of them.

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      do you predict that these experiments will come up because they are new on the course? could you give some advice for the ordinary level chemistry ?

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      my chemistry teacher is very sceptical about the iron tablets, its very predictable! Do a decent bit of revision on the hardness in water Id say..

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      yeah, heard iron tablet was likely to come up!

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      G. Uk

      Watch out for tablet titration

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      Lady Shagpile

      Iron IS very predictable, but the chemistry exams don't shy from predictability! I'm quite sure that the titration question will be either that or vinegar.

      I am stipulating the benzoic acid prep because it's new, yes. They may not go down that route but make sure you practice a lot of questions on it. One of the mock papers had a nice question on it, I'll see if I can dig that up.

      I don't know a lot about OL Chemistry and how it differs from HL, I'm sorry.

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      that would be awesome Lady Shagpile if you could get that mock paper that had the benzoic acid question! Much appreciated.

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      Lady Shagpile

      My name sounds pretty damn silly when you say it, huh...

      Alright, I wrote the question out for you and included my worked answers. I don't have the marking scheme but I'm pretty sure they're correct, I'll check with my teacher as soon as I can. Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

      attachment Benzoic Acid Experiment.pdf

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      Lady Shagpile

      If anyone would like to help me out in return: I'm the LC exam diarist for the Irish Independent this year and it would be great to have a mix of student opinions to include in my columns, especially when I'm writing about subjects I'm not taking. If you'd be interested in sending me a short email on your thoughts every evening after an exam, let me know and I'll post my email address here.

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      Oh and Thanks by the way :)

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      Lady Shagpile

      Great! Send me an email at and we'll talk.

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      I'd be glad to send some comments when the time comes (eek!)

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      Lady Shagpile

      I know, it's all so close. D: Send me an email when you can and I'll tell you more about it.

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      Lady Shagpile

      There's one correction for my answers to the benzoic acid question: the brown precipitate formed is MnO2, not MnO4. I made that mistake because the ion formed is Mn4+. Watch out for that.

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